Patrice Victoriously Lyrics

thought I'd never find you
there ain't no one like you
I put my love inside you
there ain't no one like you

tomorrow's kiss won't feel the way it feels today
tomorrow's wish will miss these lips feeling the same
tomorrow's touch won't be touching you quite this way
don't play hate
tomorrow I'll be telling you all of this once again
"but usually" - I don't care 'bout usually
today is different 'cause today it's you and me
it feel' so good to loose victoriously"
come speak with me... victoriously


nobody knows what tomorrow holds for us
should live today like this day could be our last, plus
before this touch before this grasp becomes the past
it is a must - to feel this fully
one day you might say I repeat myself that's true
when that day arrive' I'll come up with something new
but for today this ya one will do
don't care 'bout then just wanna be with you - right now


we link up from before, we link up in a flesh
I'm sinking syncopating while I synch up with your breath
kinkydelic visions years turn month then weeks then minutes
then moments then indefinite then infinite - come again
come sink with me to the city under the sea
so deep under the waters where time is standing still
we chill
and take a rest from life's troubles and life's stress
a place where no equals yes
see who my eyes reflect!?


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