Strapping Young Lad S.Y.L. Lyrics

this is a play by devy...'go devy'....I like me to walk to to Betty....and then once there's a bear out there, a real live bear....and HE....ate the kids

i am the coming of a new age
past your s___ by far
i was a puzzle in your sick life,
but will never be a piece anymore.
because i worked through your f___ing bullshit
and i worked through your f___ing lies
now i'm working on the edge
with a thousand times the stress,
so i can d___ you down to size.

i worked in your f___ing warehouse
i worked in your f___ing dream
i worked on the edge of the product community

and found that nothing's what it seemed
i f___ing hate you....

devy worked in the corner of the p___ yard
bored and plagued by pain,
devy got a taste of the corporate community,
and never went back again.

i worked for you f___ing b______s
i worked for your f___ing lies
i went and p___ed away too may f___ing opportunities
to try and make you f___ers feel right
and i f___ing hate you...

i am the coming of a new age
stained we still stand tall
i am the coming of a new age
and i will never fall
i bear the questions of a new time
seen but never heard
i've seen the comings of a new time, get ready...
coz here it comes.

pushing your incompetence,
and racial views aside
and never now,
until death again, is there anywhere to... hide

it starts here my friends,
my brothers and sisters,
the courage to show what is brave, and not to be weakened
to stand it through, by any length

to look into the eyes,
and have the strength of men who say 'f___ you'
i won't do what you tell me...'f___ you'
i don't care who you are...'f___ you'
i'll never stop believing...'f___ you'
and i'll never be the one who takes the heat in the name

of the remorse that isn't pushed into a hole
waiting now, and packing down
into the open s___es we must go and not be frightened
as children we came,
as children we go,
so never look behind you, never look behind...
f___ you
it isn't a decision.
it's a sign of greater things.
and a loss will never matter...

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