Steven Delopoulos Here I Go Again Lyrics

Hide away
Cellar wine and wooden doors
Shadows dancing on her floor
Here I go again

Dizzy day
Catching oceans in my rhyme
Catching glances through the glaze
Here I go again

And take my thunder, take my rain
Never ever let me dance below the grave
Where I sit beside the time
Casting clouds above my mind
Here I go again

And empty halls, hear her crying through the walls
Crowded streets and siren calls, faded danger
But oh, let it go, let it prosper in the sun
Give it time to catch the rain
Give it freedom

Take my thunder, take my rain
Never ever let me tumble in the wave
Where I fake my smiles away
Lay my head and close the shade
Here I go

Sky, land, let it, let it die man
I've been hiding away from the dry land
Oh the cold, as the children all run home
See the fire turn to snow
There I go again
There I go again


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