Gene Vincent Woman Love Lyrics

Woman Love, hey hey hey, woman love, hey hey

Well I went to my good doctor not so long ago
A-walkin' in a circle and moanin' low
He looked at me and said, "Good Lord above, son,
You need a vaccination of a woman love."

Well I'm lookin' for a woman with a one-track mind
A huggin' and a kissin' and a smoochin' all the time
I'd build her a castle to the moon up above
I sure am a needin' me some woman love. (Let's rock)

We'll I'm lookin' for a lovin' gal that needs a lot of care
Not worried about her figure or the color of her hair
The doctor really scared me when he said, "Good Lord above,
You sure am a-needin' you some woman love. "

Well I'm tired of walkin' circles, tired of moanin' low
I want my baby with me everywhere I go
I want my lovin' baby to call me turtle dove
I sure am a-needin' me some woman love (Let's rock again)

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