Lila McCann She Remembers Love Lyrics

When her grandkids come to visit her
Sometimes she forgets their names
Her memory is selective now
Small details just fade away
She looks out the window with a vacant stare
She can't remember what she's doing there

She remembers love
The blue in his eyes
hot summer nights
It's like she's memorized his every touch
And how he swept her heart away
Like it was yesterday
She remembers love

On her dresser there's a special box
Where she keeps a faded flower
From a wild field where they made love
And woke each other's first desire
The passion never died for sixty years
And since she's lost him, something's haven't been so clear


Now she comes and goes
And doesn't always know
What day it is, what year it is
Or who somebody was, but...

She remembers love

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