No Warning Scratch The Skin Lyrics

On a bed of nails
I try to rest my head
Every nail a curse
I should have faced but fled
I'd do it again
takes much more to learn my lesson
Things come to an end
in this case that doesn't happen
Make me see why everything that's new to you is old to me
I breathe and bleed
even if I wanted to change
It would all be for nothing
Always dumbing down
Pieces to make them fit
Top of the world now
No more, it's done, I quit
It's just like I said
caught inside won't let it go
Godlike in your head
taking over casting shadows
So scratch the skin
Over and again
Take all you can
This is all I am
I unravel all I have
is this what you want from me
Shedding all my better half
shadows hang on me
I hope you get away
(Straight down and back)
Everywhere I turn I see I've gotta move faster
But every time I do I just go two steps back
(Straight down and back)
I am in rewind and everybody's moving past me
I count them as they pass
1, 2, 1, 2, 3

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