Animosity Shut It Down Lyrics

Self-soothing, self-improving but not long 'till we start shooting
Trained to be insane and punished for the same
Consider this a withdrawl of my own name
Where the f___ are we after two thousand years.
What have we become?
Just some cavemen with guns, almost like life is a game and we do it just for fun
Disable your brain and make your move to insane
Just do your f___ing job and you won't be the one to blame
We are always the ones to blame.
I want to live free, no masters, no gods
Stay young until I die but somehow that's odd
A purposeful facade suppressing who we are... They ruined freedom so I am going to shut it down
Progress is less than gradual when we are still killing each other, seems like we will go a full circle end up back in trouble
I'm going to stand tall above the oppression above the hate
Stand firm on my own two feet, I know it's hard but I am going to carry my weight.
f___ ignorance, I'd rather be the invisible man, and stay the f___ out of their master plan
Live my life, the way that I am supposed to, as a human, not as a f___ing drone.
Every day, I look around and I see what we value and it boggles my mind
I can't participate any more
Shut it down!

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