My Alibi Believer Lyrics

Close my eyes I don't
Feel the same
Trying to
Find myself
In the light in the right again
Turning to the distance
Solitude my friend
Close my eyes
To dream this nightmare again

Can't believe all of this
Time as taking this place
Stalker on my back
Trying to break my

Ritual destruction
Words cut me down
The believer
Ritual distruction
Words cut me down
Stoned by the sky
The believer

Rising above it all
Breaking through to the light
Running through the forest
Wanna wish it
All away
And start at a new
Moonlight shining down on me
Live day to day
As a firm believer
No matter what it takes

Close my eyes
Still alive still standing
Stronger than ever before
walking through the fire
With no wounds
To burn
Still alive still standing
Dream alive standing high
Above the hell I created

Still I am
Still I stand the believer

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