My Alibi Hang Lyrics

It feels so good
To be hanging from my ceiling
With a bed sheet wrapped
Tightly around my neck

Will you forgive me
Tape all our memories
To a book marked
Rest In Peace
Will you forget me
This is not a question
But an answer to my end
I have not a friend

I'm swinging freely
Freer then I could ever be
This is my fantasy
I know that It's not right

Somebody show me love
I am an orphan
So if you don't come right now
To cut me down

They'll be
Yellow tape
Blocking off our walkway
They'll be
Yellow tape
Blocking off our
Conner's street

You look so peaceful swinging
But all I hear around me
Is people mourning
People mourning
And now your visions tainted
All that I can see
Is your face
And how you made it
You decided to hang

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