Sun Eats Ours 2004 Lyrics

That's what I felt
During that
Amazing year
Life made us fall in love
With the present
Not the future
Not the past

And I can't tell
Well what you gave us
While we were all around
In 2004
We brought ourselves into the dream
That we kept locked for so long

Breathe the universe
And Feel you're stronger than pain
That's what that year gave us
Breathe the Universe
And Feel you're able to change
Love yourself again

The van
And then
The streets again
To dream one more day
In 2004
We let our souls
Try to believe
We're better together

And I can't tell well
What You gave us while
We were all around
In 2004
You gave us strength
And Brought us love
The dream we dreamt for so long

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