Mental Demise Soporific Anabiosis Lyrics

Alien steel cuts through the vein, poison in tubes...
Deadly bliss, pseudoextasy,
Death with ruse is cheat you, - small f___in' man!
It gave you sweet mind's demise,
And so cruel tortures of the flesh...
Slowly rotting alive, with the dirty twisted mirrors of eyes.
Poor s___ty refuse, you make yourself an organic lumber by your own hands!
Life returned to you again, but you must be f___ing dead!
Dead in gloomy delirium of soporific anabiosis!
Stained blood teems with s___, turbid saliva of thoughts
Running, as from oligophrenic mouth...
There is no way for you back!
Warmy blood mixed with malefic liquid.
Gore contagioned - brain defeated,
Dose by dose - foot by foot down...
It's a real plot of soporific dream -
Tragedy of comatose being!

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