The Perceptionists Love Letters Lyrics

I knew it from the moment that I saw you
You was just what I need
See you the second grade teacher for my home boys seed
He came to pick 'im up the other day and I was in the whip
I saw you and immediately started to trip
It's like I realized for the first time what beauty was..
And all of this was even before I peeped the Gluteus-
Maximum anxiety played the shy role
Gave you a hello and a subtle eye role
Shorties had you occupied though, a class cook out
They wanna do the face paint and fried dough
Well nice almost meetin'
I wish you woulda heard my greetin'
And then maybe we could go out on the weekend
You sounded so articulate
I want some time to pick your brain about a bunch a different s___
I'm lookin' for a partner, to start the
Greatest story ever told by any living author
And I see you fittin' right in my zone
Your good with the kids and got none of your own
See my homie put me on, to the fact that you single
and maybe a little lonely so I can't waste time
see your body movement's kinda like a fly baseline
and for you to be alone is just a g______ crime
I got a feelin' you and I
Would make some fly mates
But maybe we should start with a date
I'll let you think about it...

You don't even know I exist
But I want you to
And that's why I'm writin' you this
Love Letter, Love
A Love letter, Love a Love Letter
Love a Love a Love Letter
Love a Love Letter

[Mr. Lif]
Hey pretty lady I'm a shy guy
Na that's a lie, closet freak with his head in the sky
No I can't write that and she'll never write back and I need a plan of attack
I comin' to you from a vulnerable place
You don't know my name or my face
My heart, my hopes or dreams that I chase
We met once in passing
You unleashed a passion
I didn't know I had
Then I'm *wanting for action
"Hi my name is Jeff!"
"Hi Jeff I'm.." (oh my god she can't be real, hide how you feel)
Extended my hand to greet you
Feelin' see through
Our palms met and I feel I felt your complete truth
Your energy traveled through my arm causin' sensory alarm
The life I knew before I met you is gone
Let me be calm
Here's a little bit about me
I travel the world as M-C
My intimacy is in my poetry and lurks behind closed doors
And in my head I'm fightin' my own wars
I feel I got a purpose and a cause, Cause I lay awake at night
My eyesight seems to be addicted to *gloomy light
An introvert kid, move out and be converted
Loved, known and nurtured
Observed with a little intrigue, inspired when I feel fatigue
A simple man with simple needs or so I believe
What I feel about you
Those are secrets that I'm clinging to tight
I can only pray and hope that I'm right
People search for this feeling til their gray
So I couldn't let you slip away
Please give me a call some day


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