Dropkick Murphys This Dirty Glass Lyrics

Murphy, Murphy darling dear
I long for you now night and day
Your pain was my pleasure, your sorrow my joy
I feel now I've lost you to health and good cheer
Darcy, when I met you I was five years too young
A boy beyond his age, or so I'd tell someone.
Anyone who'd listen and a few who couldn't care
Still I welcomed you with open arms, my love I did share
Darcy, Darcy darling dear,
You left me dying , crying there
In whiskey , gin, and pints of beer
I fell for you my darling dear
You shut me off then you showed me the door
But you always came crawling back beggin me for more
I showed you kindness, a stool, and a tab
Then you poured me my pain in a dirty glass
(Yeah, you left him b_____ battered penniless and poor)
You know, I often stopped and wondered how you made it
through my door
With my brother's new non-duplicate registry ID
Well you bit off more than you could chew the first day you
met me.
You weren't the first to court me mister you won't be the last
Oh, sure I wasn't honey, I know all about your past
Listen to the big shot with his pager on call
You spent most of those nights in my bathroom stall
(Yeah, you got him high, but you left him low)
Mind your own business, boy, how was I to know
That he was just a fiend and a no-good cheat
Well it's all in the past b____ 'cause now I've got it beat

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