Chastisement At the garden of eden Lyrics

The little dark ones / dancing and laughing inside my veins / screaming and
gasping / from the inside they're chewing my heart / insanity is near / i do
not dear to cast myself into the flame of neverending fear and pain / i
could not breathe could not see / could not feel / if i open up i'll see /
take away take it away / leave me alone / talk to me / if you open up the
gates to hell you will see nothing by death remains / i will perish alone
you'll stand / the more you breathe the more you'll choke / you'll be lit /
a scorching flame surrounding your body surrounding your mind / the worms
will chew upon your eyes / blinded by hate you'll scream in pain / the worms
will chew upon your eyes as you'll hear thousands of cries as they all are

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