Colored Spade Lyrics

I'm a...

Colored Spade, a n_____, a black n_____; A jungle bunny, jigaboo c___,
pickaninny mau mau

Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, Little Black Sambo
Cotton pickin', swamp guinea, junk man, shoeshine boy

Elevator operator,
table cleaner at Horn and Hardart,
Slave voodoo, Zombie, Ubangi lipped

Flat nose,tap dancin' Resident of Harlem

And President of the United States of Love
And President of the United States of Love

(and if you ask him to dinner, you're gonna feed him:)

Watermelon; Hominy grits An' shortnin' bread;
Alligator ribs
Some pig tails; ("So You Say")
some black eyed peas ("So You Say")
Some chili; ("So You Say")
some collard greens ("So You Say")

And if you don't watch out
This boogie man will get you

Booooooo! Booooooo!

So You Say!

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