Sick of it All 86 Lyrics

I want you to mean it
I want you to feel it.
I don't want a closed mind which would
Just bring us down.

Hit you right and hit the intellect.
Hit you where it has some meaning.
Understanding the philosophy
Know and see the fundamental history.
86-86- Hardcore rebuke
Negative element- turn bad to good.
There's so much to offer
So often looked over.

Mistaken outsiders just see all the anger.
Stay outsiders and stay that way.
In your only dimension
We'll enjoy all the benefits.
This community will keep it in the family.
Foolish action-86-86
Macho faction-86-86
There's a dunce in the bunch, grab your s___,
Hit the bricks.

You're 86.
Are you self-conscious?
Think we're forgiving unneeded schisms? NO!

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