Bride Hard to Kick Lyrics

American badge Caucasian white
A new minority a new chalk line
White media is not on our side
Hollywood stands beautified

Some don't believe they just deny it

We've kept our mouths shut let is slide
Our homeland has been occupied
You get what you get and that's all there is
Do nothing at all if that's how you want to live

Some don't believe they just deny it

Hard to kick against the p____s
Gnashing of the teeth
Inferno in your head
Hard to kick against

Equality / No color / No fairness act / or race
Open your eyes we are all the same
There ain't no white heaven, ain't no black hell
There's only Christ and he's not for sale

Parasites and demons don't believe in either one
I've never been afraid of what I've become
Following the screams and the smell of fear
Listened for the truth with my fingers in my ears

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