Yung Joc Couple Grand Lyrics

a couple gran, price tag on ya head leave ya layin were ya stand
a couple gran, price tag on ya head, on ya head, on ya head
a couple gran, price tag on ya head, price tag on ya head
a couple gran, price tag on ya head leave ya layin were ya stand

verse 1
watch him die slow, and then his eyes roll
in da back of his head now his body cold
a couple gran, a couple shots, a couple drip drops, now ya leakin won't stop
b____ im da man, just ask block, shots rain out, u can hear em from a couple blocks
b____ wats my name? call me yung joc, i got a great aim, all i need is one shot
errbody talkin in my neighborhood, i got great lawyers, cuz my paper good,
leave ya body riddled, weazin and coughin, hear bout it live, fox 5, and monica coffman
u f___ wit mine, i cross ya lifeline, im a graffiti artist, paint chalk out outlines
and the worst part,is im not a coward, visit yo wake and give ya momma dead flowers


verse 2
this is not a movie, no reruns, all sales final, no refunds
once i make the payment, the hits out, im not jeezy i aint swappin s___ out
first i tell him, were i want it done, in the backyard right in front of his son
then i tell him, were to drop him off, in the chattahoochie wit his d___ chopped off [d___!]
yes dats harsh, but its well deserve, feed his a__ to the sharks for orderves
no remorse, no pity, this can happen to you in new jock city


verse 3
i got a couple killas, got a great choppa, blast through ya fool,s___ ya guts leak out,
the sheriff call ya momma, and she freak out, got a hit meant fo her, dial yo momma speed dial
oooo it aint nutn, but a call away, come home and find yo baby sista in the hallway
9-1-1, but its too late, she lookin like a maxi-pad bleeding through da duck tape


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