Dreamboys Don't Go Lyrics

Song: Don't Go ~~ 1983 ~~ 4:51
Artist: Dreamboy
LP/CD: Dreamboy ~~ Qwest ~~ 1983
Composer: Jeffrey Stanton


My baby went away
See, it all started today
I guess that I was wrong
I think I'll call her on the phone to say I'm sorry, baby

When I called her on the phone
She wasn't even home
I wonder does she know
That I'm sitting by myself all alone, I'm all alone
So come on, baby, please don't go

Don't go (I need you, baby)
Don't go (I want you, baby)
Don't go (I care for you, girl)
Don't go

So I called her up again
Just to see if she still was my friend
Check out what I said, I said baby I'm sorry
For doing the things that I did

But you see, I know you've hooked my love
And you know that I want yours too
Don't you see that I care
And I don't want you to go nowhere
Hey...hoo....hoo...hoo...hoo, ooh, baby
I want you so bad, girl
Why can't you see, come on, baby

Don't go
Don't go
Don't go (No, no)
Don't go (Here me out, baby)

Don't go, baby
I need you, baby
See, I care for you so much, girl
I'll do anything
I just want you now
Here me out, baby
See, girl

I'm lyin' here waitin', my dear
I'm lyin' here waitin', my dear

Don't go (Don't go, baby, oh, baby)
Don't go (Don't go, no)
(Please don't go)

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