Jay-Z 44 4's Lyrics

roc-a-fella 4 ever, Hov 4 life

first debut classic, first album 4 mics

i shoulda got a five but n*ggas lacked 4sight

but i don't give a f___, i ain't do it 4 the hype

i did it 4 the hustlas, 4 the ghetto, 4 their plight

4 the struggle, 4 those who bubble white,

4 fly 4×4s, roofless cars, flawless ice,

4 the pain so y'all can feel what it's like

4 all the times it rained 40 days 40 nights

4 all the promise made that never came to the light

i get my own 40 acres:

give me 4 nights, 4 o's, a glock .40 4 the jackers and i'm spike

4 the .44 will suffice

a 14 year-old to look out 4 the vice

and y'all can sit back and just wait 4 the flight

ya boy'll take off like i been strippin' all my life

that's the type of meta4s I write

to let n*ggas know I was real b4 the mic

4 front rows had the fur at the fight

no PETA on my peter left some room 4 the divas

in a suite we'll meet 'em if you wild 4 the night

i'm on the rampage champagne pours on the floor

4 all those who ain't make it here and lost they life

i'll never 4get y'all 4 any price

not 4 no hoes, not 4 no ice, not 4 no fame,
nor 4 bright lights

so i'ma end this here this fly a__ kite

44 4's m____FUCKA I'M NICE!!!!!

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