Grimple Violent Fuk Lyrics

Yeah that's it, you f___ing idiot. Make a fist and take a swing. Now you're better than the rest of us. You forget you're a human being. Such a big man. Impressed your friends. That guy can really fight. Don't want my advice I'm giving it to you man go fly a kite! f___ someone up. God you're so tough. No one's gonna get in your way. Some day some crazier f___er's gonna laugh and blow you away! And when your gone it won't really matter cause now it's up to your friends. They'll kill the guy who took your life and the ignorance never ends. Violent f__! I'll have my say! Violent f__! Get the f___ away! Every time I look at you I could see somebody new. Your f___ing ego controls your mind. Common sense was left behind. Macho s___. Your ways are absurd. I'm not screaming for nothing. I'm hope I'm heard. Real nice guy when you're not with your friends. Your friends are there and the niceness ends!

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