AOK The Heartbreak of Otis Spunkmeyer Lyrics

Feeling close to saying the words
To bring my heart again
To cut choice meat
Being pickled in a jar
No matter how near
No matter if you're here
No matter how close,
It's still too far

Holding my breath 'til it's said
My face turns purlpe not I'm dead
My bloodshot eyese can tell the story
Lucky for me
Open veins spill words of truth
Trying to make the time go by
But it's useless and
The truth is in the past

You'll never know and I'll never care
Know I left you and I think it's fair

Timing's close but a little off
We haven't spoken for months
And if we did
You know I'd feel like a d___
Cause I don't mind the tears
And I don't mind the pain

'Cause now without you
I feel the gain
But I feel the same
You'll never know and I'll never care
I know I left you
But I think its fair

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