My Fate Drifting In Shadows Lyrics

I open a door
And walk inside this room
Dark, empty place
Cold and silent s___e

I lay on the floor
And try not to close my eyes
But I'm so d___ weak
And exhausted of life

I'm waiting for someone to grab my hand
And pull me back into your world
Please remind me who I am

I awake in fear
The room fills with noises
I need to get away
But I find no way out

There's writing on the wall
Written with blood
Blood of mine, written by me
"I am who I am
No need to please no one
I am who I am
A human, a man, a soul
I am who I am
I breed the strenght in me
I am who I am
The master on myself

No need for explanations
I create no expectations

I am who I am
I'm the source of success
I am who I am
And who I want to be"

Waiting for someone
To pull me back into your world

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