The Waterboys Beverly Penn Lyrics

Girl sleeping on a mansion roof
under a wintery sky
Wrapped she is in furs and sable,
starlight in her eye
And what is the name of this creature ?
Where did she live and when ?
Who was she and why was it
that Peter Lake loved Beverly Penn

Four o'clock on a marble morning,
water pouring on her skin
In fever her life bursts open
and a hurricane blows in
When high from the dreams of this creature
a thief on a horse descends
It was dawn and it was december
and Peter Lake loved Beverly Penn

It was all of a windy day
and the sky was full of crows
when her lovely soul ascended
~ she just closed her heart and rose
And whither the soul of this creature ?
Tell me the story again
of scarves and songs and the skin of s___e
and how Peter Lake loved Beverly Penn

I would dive in a freezing river,
set fire to a hundred men
if I could for just one time
love somebody the way that he loved Beverly Penn

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