Buffalo Tom Would Not Be Denied Lyrics

Would not be released
Could not be denied
I tried to say the words
But got tripped up inside
You can murder them with guns
Poison them with lye
You can take a person's life
But you can't squelch his pride

This city's not my own
This world is not my home
But I'll carry it on my back
As far as my feet will roam
I opened up my eyes
I offered up my coat
I opened up my mouth
But knots tied in my throat

And I will not be denied
Will not be denied

If not for innocence
My guilt would stop right here
Reliving all my life
In the span of just one year
My mouth's a hurricane
But something inside just died
I'd always just a__umed
My evil would subside

Could I have been misled
Could you have misread
Please don't punish me
For things I have not said
The last's a lonely mile
I'll remember it for a while
You'll never speak to me
Unless it's to revile

But I will not be denied
Will not be denied
Will not be denied
Will not be denied

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