Baby feat Clipse What Happen To Dat Boy Lyrics

[Baby (talking with echo)]
Aye, Aye, Aye, Ya
Tot' 'em up, light it up n____
Birdman m_________er
Clipse, VA, NO n____
What you smelt
c__e'll leave plastic
Get off the border m_________er
Come on little'n handle your business for me boy

[Chorus: Pusha T & (Pharrell) (2x)]
(Brrrrrrrrrrr) What happened to that boy (yo)
(Brrrrrrrrrrr) What happened to that boy
(Brrrrrrrrrrr) What happened to that boy
He was talking s___ we put a clap into that boy

I heard they snitchin' on a player man say it aint so
Even as a young'n they consigned me to blow
Witches claims why I'm worth my weight in gold
While they was taking baby steps from an 8th to an O
Word in the streets that can envy as me
Enough ice on that watch to make a n____ lose sleep
Magnified face help the b____ see clearly
9 on the waist hit the b____ up severely
I'm know for the flip of that c__e I ener
I'm heavy in the street like the 7 series Bimma
Man, hit 'em with the Nina man
Or that 4/5th guaranteed to lean ya man (Whoa)
I'm the reason that your block is vacant
Malicious will hit ya just to make a statement
b____! Clipse and Cash Money who aint rich
Don't compare me to you n____ you aint this (Whoa)


Aye...Aye...Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye...
Stunna and Patty Cake the worldwide Pusha (get this money)
Birdman n____ leave the guns in the busher (cuff 'em up, let 'em up b____)
Been s___tin' up bricks unload 'em to Gucci
Boss of the ghetto with the round shape cookie
s___ one, Dro one n____ flood the block
If I don't go to jail n____s birds gone flop
n____ sittin' on the toilet b____ get off the pot
The bird just landed so the hood gon' rot
New whips, big chips the Prada Gucci s___
But mami your fly Benz the wide skinny lips
She takes my flight she holds my weight
While the po-po staked out from state to state
It aint nuttin to a baller baby
Pay the cars, big money, heavy weight, bird man, hood boss
Baby steppin on my line I'll show a little somethin'
They callin' you don't come out then the black crow will touch ya (touch ya)

[Chorus (2x)]

[Pusha T]
Ughhh...Another soul lost
Had to make a shirt match my ox blood colored Porsche
Ughhh...The rims match of course
Blood hit his Timbs it reminded me of them
Glistenin' wrist on chiller
Gun in the same palm of gorgeous killer
I put this on my lord my niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla
I past the shore for that s___ that made fiends rise from the dead like
At night still found time to kiss my mother
Live like I'm dreamin' kick my feet up
Gun pulled my waist remind me of my demon
So quite ya yappin' fore I get to clappin
And have your body parts mix and matching fella

[Chorus (2x)]

[Baby (talking)]
Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, there it is n____, there you have it
Birdman, Clipse you under-smelt, VA you know
Uptown n____, we go anywhere with this bullshit
We flip bricks you under-smell (gangster m_________er)
Aye n____ put this puzzle together
Aye Pharrell you did this year (you did it n____)
A 1000 pieces puzzles (startrak) 100, you know
Let's get this money (get the money)
Hey n____ I smell somethin', c__e'll leave plastic b____
Get money m_________er
However you want it you can get it pimp
From gangster to blood n____, take it how you want it n____
We did it how we live, aint nothin' but the thug thing n____
Money thing m_________er

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