Soulja Slim Can't Touch Us Lyrics

[Master P]
Soulja Slim (What's happ'n big round)
I'm on my way out that Yole I'm gonna meat ya in that Nolia (Umm huhn)
But I'm brangin' my homies from the East Coast wit us (It's cool)
If it's any problems we got some straight head bustas ya heard me
(Ya know, ya know, ya know) Check it out

[Chorus 2X: Krazy]
My click you don't want beef wit (beef wit)
My heat, n____s I sleep wit (sleep wit)
Tank Dogg, n____s I creep wit (creep wit)
These n____s head bustas
f___ the feds they can't touch us

[Slay Sean]
Cars, bracelets, chains we coppin' it all
Desperados, you can call Flames, Afficial's my dawgs
Ride Jordans, 23's on the truck, screened up
Smokin' sticky green, welcome aboard, beam up
I'm from Rockaway I used to sit in spots all day
Gettin' money, it's funny I'm still the same way
Hit chickens take 2 at a time, still pimpin'
I'm paralyzed when it comes to these hoes, no feelin's
push cars wit drop ceilin', our money is long
No limit is the family yall, the army is strong
Once P gives the O-K I'm droppin' the bomb
c___in' the arm, ain't no way of stompin' this storm

A look I'm spazzed out
Summertime catch me wit the Jag out
I got beef wit n____s I pull that mac out
A stick up, I dare yall n____s to try
I shoot a round that slow yall n____s down like yield signs
I'll sell my house & my car before I go broke
Play hard, pop fly, & get b____es to jump rope
Why you talkin' bout them bricks you ain't sold no c__e
I cop a car off the lot, you sendin' car notes
My squad likes to drink, so I buy out the bar
n____s look hard when we slide thru like credit cards
I get high, smack n____s, & take s___
I went to jail for 5 sticks like Double Mint


[Afficial (S-Flames)]
The bigger the barrol is it's harder to swallow
I gotta put you in the creek where the water is shallow
Afficial, game over is the law & the motto
Put it out for the b____es & the n____s a follow
I'm a soldier, it's different when you dealin' wit me
Chrome wheels it feel like you ridin' on ski's
Ya feel me n____
I'll kidnap & peel you n____
Now you back to yo crib after I kill you n____
I real wit it, n____s feel it, what's the questions about
When n____s minds change up when the weapons is out
We pullin' 'em out squeeze it not leavin' you breathin'
If you hatin' I ain't mad cause I'm given you reasons

These little n____s ain't ballin' right
So guess I gotta call the plays out
It ain't thuggin' on the hook unless it come out Krazy's mouth
An you know we got 'em thinkin' that them boys is ugly
We flip s___ up & turn dogs back to puppies

[Master P]
Find me uptown whodi servin' them vicks
I mean millionaire status still runnin' them bricks
Homie, Bentley & Hummers you know we bout dat s___
We from the dirty, dirty boy so we ice the wrist
I mean 20 on chrome just the law of the whips
Find us thuggin' in the projects like blood & crips

[Silkk the Shocker]
Even though I'm last to speak, look never last to eat
If that's them, I blast the heat
Slumped inside when I walk past the jeep
You know Silkk does not look havin' that
I tell 'em a new n____ in town dawg & I won't half of that
You can act up, you know what's the aftermath
We done wit your chick, we finished wit her, you can have her back
You know it's nothin' bout doubtin' us when ever you see me
Wreck the Bentley next day popped up in a Ashton Martini
n____s know If I got heat on me, they know that I shot it
I ain't gotta tell 'em that I got money, they know that I got it
Who you know can flip & get rich off of one sell
If they gettin' it, s___ is over now n____ like 112
I do s___ by myself, so n____s they won't tell
I gotta couple n____s facin' life sentences
That a kill you while they on bail
The dope game to the rap game switched the game up
From Vyshonne to Silkk The Shocker look switched my name up

[Soulja Slim]
What you think the streets for got about me
s___ I'm the streets & I'm the beat
An if you got 7-5 I'm that quarter of ki
Come & get it, I'm gonna serv ya somethin' proper, uncut
Ain't No limit over here dawg, excuse me back the f___ up
I smoke camels cause I'm penitentiary, get high of sticky
Ever now & then might sip a little henney
My dawg Chill just got out & got these n____s spooked
Oh scary a__ n____s, we don't do the thangs we used to do
So be cool cause

[Chorus: Krazy]
My click you don't want beef wit (beef wit)
My heat, n____s I sleep wit (sleep wit)
Tank Dogg, n____s I creep wit (creep wit)
These n____s head bustas
f___ the feds they can't touch us
My click you don't want beef wit

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