Brave Saint Saturn Prologue Lyrics

----So Far From Home----
Just off the border of your waking mind,
There lies another time,
Where darkness and light are one.
And as you tread the halls of sanity,
You feel so glad to be unable to go on.
I have a message from another time.

You have firing signal
Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five,
Four, Three, Two, One, Zero..."

----The Light of Things Hoped For...----
In perfect orbit they have circled,
as the light of many worlds falls softly on their skin.
And days here pass like minutes,
one moment of brilliant daylight will shift into the next,
a flash of dark behind some distant lost moon,
and then it is over.
Like the pause before waking,
sleep is replaced by light, and life and hope.
It is the light of one far away sun that has beckoned them to leave,
and the hope of home that has lifted them from slumber.
The hope that; though the dark may come,
the sun also rises.

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