Poetry in Motion Romeo and Juliet Lyrics

Poetry'n Motion - Romeo and Juliet

Yeah this is a story about love,this is a story about hate, when tolerance is sprung between tragedy, passion,pain,it's a thin line between what we give,so goes our story about romeo and juliet.
Today I challange thee,affect the things that you can't see,
Today we feel so much,affect the things that you can't touch,
All the possibilities, we all brought as special things,respect the power and you'll see how strong a love can be.
She screams romeo romeo where are you?Romeo,you'll never know when it's time to go her desk on smokin',my body's lying on the floor,she wishin' hopin' that I still breathe that I still live,unfortunately I only got one night to give,too bad,she no longer wants to live because I'm heard dead,I loved her and she loved me,unfortunately her dad can't see because his racisists won't let him.Now it's a thin line between love and hate,and romeo and juliet as the forfeit of the deadly fate,a tip for love, a tip for madly tolerance,why hollow seems the people seem to let it go?A tragic ending,sending such a hintful message,romeo romeo let your soul go,let it rise and Heaven's gonna let you know that love is all we need.
We spent countless nights,lovin' each other,holdin' each other,every one,without a fight,now it's time to meet you dead,I'm black,you're white,it's kinda said but something...It didn't flash,romeo was now a memory and juliet is right by her side,together an eternal rest,no more stress,do you have it yet? romeo and juliet....

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