Amon Düül II Surrounded by the Stars Lyrics

You walk
Surrounded by the stars
So many days
And you knock
At the gates of night
No answer
But you walk in
With your decrees
And you go out
With shaking knees
A street-sweeper appears
Makes your dusty feet clean
Come and jump
On my Are-You-Tired machine
At sunrise

You play your violin
On Napoleon's nose
A cop comes and says
You are one of those
But you jump
Into the trumpet of a clown
And you say to yourself
Maybe I shall leave this town?

You walk
Beside the twilight street
Jewel of the town
And you pass
The make-up zoo
Where hungry people meet
They ask you
And you give them
All you need
For a trip to the South
Maybe you think
What sort of idiot am I
Without a bone in my mouth
And you turn to the sunrise

You see a famous face
Behind a golden fence
A voice sounds round the corner:
This is you very last chance!
But you laugh
Like the son of a kangaroo
I don't believe the TV screen!
I don't believe you too!

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