Various Artists Men of a Certain Age Lyrics

Men of a certain age are weary,
Everything rolls along.
Nothing has changed for thirty years now,
It's still the same old song.
Apathy for your anger,
Compromise replaced your rage
Things you once stood for
Now you stay seated,
Men of a certain age.

Men of a certain age are grumpy,
Nothing has turned out right.
All of those things you hoped to accomplish
Seem to be set aside.
Where is that great adventure?
How can I turn the page?
Rub it all out and start it over,
Men of a certain age?

But who told you to quit?
Who said to step down,
Who said to stop running?
Who said that time had been called on your day?
Who said the anointing had been taken away?
The battle is won, the kingdom is come,
It's time to start running.
So pick up that baton and get back in the race -
Men of a certain age.

Men of certain age are heroes,
At least in their children's eyes.
Standing for what they once believed in,
No hint of compromise.
Running the race with patience,
Until their final day,
Faithful in every word and deed,
You men of a certain age.

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