MidSouth Puttin' The Axe (To The Root of my Troubles) Lyrics

Well, I'm puttin' ax to the root of my troubles
Pullin' up the weeds growing in my life
Choppin' down the bad fruit on the double
Plattin' good seeds and
Waitin' for a new rain to fall

Oh, some bubblin' anger held inside
A whole bunch of fear and some hard headed pride
A couple million tears left uncried
Were flat out strnglin' me
May heart was a garden full of chokin' vines
Blockin' out the warmth of the sweet sunshine
I almost let them kill this joy of mine
But I'm cuttin' myself free


Oh, your flaws start to show when your in a crunch
An old wound'll hit you with a sucker punch
The hurt you've been hiding will just eat your lunch
If you hold it in to long
Takes a little forgiveness and A whole lotta love
A little lettin' go and some help from above
So I'm down in the dirt with my workin' gloves
Singin' a brand new song


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