Kellie Coffey When You Lie Next To Me Lyrics

1st Verse

Maybe tonight
We could close the door and lock ourselves inside
Take time to feel
I don't want to miss the chance to be so real
The days all fly away, and I forget the truth
Everything that matters is in this room


When you lie next to me
Breathin' the air I breathe
We don't have to speak
And just be (whoa)
Our love's a precious thing
Don't wanna waste a day
Or one more minute
Without you in it
Life is so sweet
When you lie next to me
(When you lie next to me)

2nd Verse

My heart is yours
And every part of me still wants to give you more
More time to love
'Cause you never know when life will leave us
I want to take in all the beauty here, oh
Let the world around us just disappear

(Chorus Out)

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