Sylvan So Much More Lyrics

This song was added during our preparation session in Denmark a few weeks before we entered the studio to finalize X-Rayed. We composed it in a rather short time and got attached to it immediately. "So much more" is trying to come to terms with overwhelming emotions not felt before - emotions you should have realized before. It is really different from previous songs as we tried to create a dense atmosphere with intensive guitar sound and keyboard sound work on a three minute track - but I think that this pearl deserved it and that's why "it touches me like it never did before...".

Try in vain to convince me,
but I never felt as lonely as I do
Now I finally see that all the things I loved
are so empty without you

When I dream you caress me,
why it touches me like it never did before ?
Though I pictured it painful - now there's no return
and it hurts me so much more ...

... more ... and it hurts me so much more ...

When the darkness surrounds me
in an endless stream of memories all alone
Even harder to wake up
and to find that all I lived for now has gone

Used to bring you just sorrows now
I get them back and I can not fight at all
In those moments of weakness
have to think of you and it hurts me so much
... it hurts me so much ...

Still miss you, still feel you, still leave you
and then have to part from you again ...
Still see you, still weap for you still hear
your whisper in my ear again ...

I could not even tell you how I need you so I'll keep it in my heart ...

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