Bun B Know What I'm Sayin' Lyrics

Represent yo hood,
represent yo block,
represent yo spot.
"Know what I'm saying?"
represent ya ward,
represent ya town because its goin down.
"Know what I'm talkin bout?"

[Bun B]
When you seee me with my gun on,
its a be a one on,
you know what type of s___ Big Bun on.
Some of that six figure s___,
that live and die by the trigger s___,
that H-Town, P.A. Texas trill a__ n____ s___.
Wanna f___ with me get a bigger clique,
move yay get a bigger brick,
wanna f___ my gal get a bigger d___.
So do me a favor (favor),
recognize that you a hater,
that couldn't see me if i was ya neighbor.
Yeah Mike Jones and Swishahouse,
finna meet me at yo sista house,
tell het have that doja and them swishas out.
n____ we gon set up shop in here,
let bottles pop in here,
and watch these bad a__ b____es bop in here.
s___ midddle fingaz up (and haters down),
we about that drama,
so if you dont want it b____ dont bring us up.
Man and we gonna be grindin,
n____ huggin this block,
till they free KS and let my brother off lock.


[Mike Jones]
I sip on purple barre,
ride around town in my candy car,
diamonds shine like a star.
I love to grip that wood grain,
love to talk that texas slang,
I spend change like it ain't no thang n____.
Because down south we be tippin on fo's,
in the parking lot pimpin these hoes,
its M.O.B. on every hoe n____.
Down in H-Town we grippin on grain,
flippin on swangs sippin that drank,
causin pain in the turnin lane n____.
(Holla at me) 281-330-8004
Hit Mike Jones up on the low (Yeah)
I said 281-330-8004
Hit Mike Jones up on the low (Yeah)


[Lil Keke]
They betta stop playin,
because we might slain,
somebody start prayin man.
I'm bout to get it hot,
before i blow the spot,
give me some henn and rocks fool.
I'm bout to let it go,
I'm talkin killa blow,
you watch yo chick you check ya b____.
You n____s know its on,
we pushin plenty chrome,
this the Don me and Bun.
I f___ with Mike Jones,
broke n____s stay at home,
we off the hook like c__ka Book.
Big Texas where its at,
Ya'll betta holla back,
we packin gats and smokin sacks.
Pimpin these young hoes,
and my bank roll sits swoll,
got me tippin on fo fo's n____.
I'm bout to smash up,
Ya'll n____s given up,
You roll a square and po a cup.


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