Confederate Railroad Toss A Little Bone Lyrics

Toss a little bone to the working man

Dear uncle sam you got a lot to do
But I just want to have a little talk with you
You probably don't remember even who I am
But I build your cars and I till your land
While you're busy giving out all that cash
While you're politicians talk all that trash
While you're busy cleaning up your own mess
Maybe you could honor my small request


Take off the tax on a cold six pack
Add another day to make the weekend last
So dear uncle sam somebody needs a hand
So toss a little bone to the working man
Toss a little bone to the working man

Make it a law that we all get a raise
And prices go a little lower every day
Where men can't judge a man by his car
And if you keep your nose clean then you will go far
I build your bridges and I carry your loads
Driving those big rigs over your roads
Hate to spend my money like I got it to burn
Seems like I ought to get a little return

Chorus (Repeat 2X)

Toss a little bone to the working man (Repeat 3X)

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