Galahad Haunted Lyrics

They say the clock is always ticking away
But I say, it's only just started
It all comes and it all goes
and then it all comes again
constantly turning, turning in circles
It's coming back to haunt who ever wants to be haunted


Life is a roller coaster.... to some
And to those.. this roller coaster
is about to start again...
Yes, it's about to start again

We've paid our entrance fee
time after time
year after year
Eyes down, hands on the wheel
And now we're at the front of the starting grid again
Ready for the off
Here we go, here we go again
We got to watch out for the other 'bad' guys cause they don't play it straight
We're whiter than white, most of the time anyway
Got to play by the rules, our rules
Oh what a surprise, what a surprise!!
Ain't going to take any more lies!!

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