Fly To The Sky Day By Day Lyrics

오늘 하루 어땠나요 괜찮았나요
어제는 너무 늦어서 전화를 할 수 없었죠

괜스레 수화길 들었다 또 놨다
그렇게 밤을 지새웠어요 조금 우습죠
당신하루 생활이 난 궁금했어요
잠잘땐 나처럼 배갤 끌어안고 자는지
가끔은 잠에서 깨보면 tv만 외로이 홀로 켜져 있는지
별거 아닌데

나는 궁금했어요 당신이 좋아지는거겠죠
그런데 난 이말을 하기가 oh baby
힘이 든건지 아님, 용기가 없어서 자꾸만 피하는지

사랑해요 아니 모자라지요
내안에 사랑 보여 줄 수 있는 날
기다려요 아주 천천히 많이 꺼내들고서 앞에 서 있을 그 날
손을 뻗어 당신께 난 갔어요
꿈인 줄 알았지만 멈출 수는 없었지요
내 몸에서 느껴지는 떨림을 도저히 멈출 수가 없어요
난 당신께 솔직히 내 맘을 털어놔요

day by day 나보다 더 소중한
i still long for your love day by day


How was your day today? Was it okay?
It was too late yesterday so I couldn't call you
I kept picking up the phone and then putting it down again
That's how I spent the night a little silly, isn't it?
I was curious about your day
If you also hug your pillow when you sleep like I do
Or Sometimes if when you wake up only the TV is on in loneliness
When it's really nothing
I was curious maybe it's because I'm starting to like you
But to say these words oh baby is it because its hard to say
Or just because I have no courage to say it
So I keep my distance from you

I love you. No, I'm not worthy yet.
Wait for the day that I can show you my love
Very slowly you'll understand a lot..
The day I can show it to you

I reached out my hand and went towards you
I thought it was a dream but I couldn't stop myself
I just can't stop this trembling that I feel inside me
I'm confessing everything to you

Chorus (repeat)
Day by day~ more important than I
I still long for your love, day by day

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