Autopsy An Act Of The Unspeakable Lyrics

The hate I have for you
I swore I never would unleash
But here you are in pieces
Lying at my sweaty feet
I m_________ with guilt
While looking at your distant eyes
I've had your torso seven times
Yet still my d___ does rise

Lobing up your lifeless c___
With blood from where your legs were
I slide in with ease
My soul you please
Finger your r_____
You're just as good in death as life
I don't know why I waited
Your head is gone
You cannot speak
Can't think of what I hated

You f___ing w____!
f___ you!


Now I tire of stretching out
Your dead and bleeding t___
Variety is what I crave
So with my knife I cut
Your a__ and c___ are now as one
I join them with a slice
The blood and defecation
On my hard-on feels so nice

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