Hue & Cry Ordinary Angel [Extended Version] Lyrics

I got the card, delivers the goods
Fills me with happiness
It's joy for a while 'till the first of the month
Then I'm chasing my tail again
I want a life that's bigger than me
'Cause I'm crushing myself to death
Tell you what I don't need
No heaven sent deity

'Cause I'm an ordinary angel
Winning tiny victories
And though the ordinary angels fly
Their wings weigh heavily
I try to be a daily genius
There's no idea beyond my reach
With all the angels and the geniuses
My company I'm gonna keep

I'm watching the news and I feel my face
Hanging like plasticene
Now I see the plot, I've got the plan
Every move is transparent to me
Profit and power's turning the world
And I'm leaning against the spin
Give me a vision please
And I don't mean heavenly

I am an ordinary angel child
Walking with the daily geniuses
Flying as high as I can...

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