Mc Eiht Goin Out Like Geez Lyrics

We in the m____fuckin house for the 94
Eihthype in the m____fuckin house
MC Eiht and DJ Slip in the m____fuckin house
Uh, Compton in the house, n____
Compton in the house, fool
Compton in the house, b____

You can nail me to the m____fuckin wall
You can bust me in the head with gatz
But punk a__ n____ I'll be back, geah
You f___ed up when you tried to blast on this trigger
n____ then you smoke my a__ with the
f___in blood runnin down my back
I pull the m____fuckin strap on the sneak attack, uh
Load the hollow points into the hot glock
Got my eyes on the crib at the end of the block
Don't give a f___ who's inside
His little sis' caught the f___in slug so I jumps in the G-ride
Feelin cold as I look at the murder metal
Hear the sirens so I hit the m_____fuckin pedal
Tyres got to spinnin, I can see the smoke
Could barely catch my breath as I start to choke
Off the blood, from the 38 slug that was planted in my back
d___ that was wack
Dip through the back streets so I can slide out
The G-ride to my homie Chills to hide out
Dump the m_____fuckin glock, it was dirt'
Bammed on my n____ door, d___ Chill heard me
He opened up the door and I fell straight in
Passed out for a second cause I lost my wind
Woke up to hear the m_____fuckin Breed and Chill looked up and said:
"d___ Eiht you bleedin!"
n____s they pulled the f___in sneak attack
f___ed around and caught 2 to the f___in back, geah
n____s was buckin tried to put me down
Some punk m____fuckas from across town, uh
You won't be chalkin up one for your sorry set
Ain't dead yet
Just label me a deadly threat
Get Boom Bam on the m_____fuckin phone
Get the 19 shot cause n____ it's on
I know the spot where them punk n____s chill
Hit their hood with the big black steel
I do it my way like M.J.
Slam dunk these hollow points in you, punk
No time to think about it twice
Leave these m____fuckas in traps and scatter like f___in mice
Boom Bam meet me at the spot, I'm shot
I don't give a f___ they gon' get got
One time's on my d___, f___ it
Jump out, run through the alley to the bucket
Now the bullet starts to travel, I'm cold, I shiver
But f___ it like the mail man I'll deliver
I hoppes out the bucket and I'm bleedin bad
But f___ it don't sweat it cause I'm too d___ mad
Don't give a d___ of who's in the line of fire
Grabbed the 'K and kneeled down by the tyre
They bust at me and I bust back
Boom Bam bring up the rear with the f___in Mac
I buck one in the chest he start to beg
"Let me live"
I slipped, caught one in the leg
My n____ Bam let the m_____fuckin Mac spit
Here comes Tha Chill over the fence, f___ this s___!
I grabbed the 'K and kicked in the front door
90 rounds spittin as I catch 2 more
But I don't give a f___ about these
Mark-a__ n____s, we'll go out like G's

Come on
Compton in the house, n____
Compton in the house, fool
Compton in the house, geah
Compton in the house, b____

Eihthype in the m____fuckin house
For the 94, geah
My n____ Slip in the m____fuckin house
Half Ounce in the house
n____s On The Run in the m____fuckin house
And this is going out to all the Compton G's, geah

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