Four Year Strong Go Long Dad Lyrics

Leave it up to me to mix business with pleasure
But were not getting any younger
And it leads me to wonder shouldnt I be getting
Something out of this
Something I should have missed when Im without her.

What the hell are you waiting for?
Its all for you or its all for nothing
All for hoping that youd give it a chance, give it a chance, give me.
What the hell am I waiting for?
To be out of time or be out of context
Pleasantly complex
And were giving up on getting guilt out of our way.

Theres something in the air tonight
And I cant quite put my finger on it
But I tell you that shes got it
And it works for me
And im falling for
Shes another break in the bend
I could be nothing more than a trend
Im wandering off
Im wondering if shes got it out for another one
Shes got it out for another one better than me.

An eye for an I am ready to give it up give him up and on and on
And im floored to see that you are standing here
Like everything was oh so clear and bright you dont think about it
Why do you kick me when im down
Im running out of things to say
Things dont come as easy, and things dont come as easy as you do
And im running out of things to say.

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