The Antz Sad Lyrics

Share prices falling down
You have lost control of economy and me
Everything has broken down
Noone here to care about possesions on a bond

No debts anymore
Now everyone has really equal chances
We end where we have started
That's the solution what we are longing for

Why do I always have to cheer you up?
I don't understand it!

Why are you so sad?
Why are you so sad?
You only lose your property
But gain freedom from yourself

To late for those who only
relied on figures and expansion
Those who you exploited
are marching on the way of revenge

Their fists are hammering on
The buildings you have seen as symbols of success
Now they are the ones who have the power
And are able to survive


I don't think equal chances mean exploitation
I think they mean freedom
I don't believe the lies you tell us
To keep us calm, to keep us calm!


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