Paddy Goes to Holyhead Dead And Gone Lyrics

My heart is sad oh I´m so lonely, thinking of the one I love
Never in my life I´ll meet her, unless in Heaven high above
She told me that she dearly loved me, ne´er she´d been untrue to me
Until the day I saw her walking, another man - another life, said she

I spied them standing near the river, he kissed her in the broad day-light
I shot the lady and her lover, and laid their corpses side by side

The coppers brought me up to prison, the judge said: "Young man, you did wrong!"
The hangman led me to the gallows, he pulled the rope and I got hung

Bury me in young green meadow, lay the sod o´er me
Under the shade of a wheeping willow-tree
You rambling boys of pleasure, always on the run
Now I´m dead and gone

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