Nah Dead Love Lyrics

Uh huh...It's Nah...Turn me up...Yeah

[Verse 1]
He opened his eyes, and found himself in a box
It was on a moonless night, about eleven o'clock
Got a weird feeling, he didn't breathe anymore
And the shot in his chest, it didn't hurt anymore
Pretty p___ed becuz he couldn't buy his way to heaven
While he was fighting in hell he told Satan to wait a second
He promised to buy his girlfriend a ring for their engagement
But life was short, he was shot, like Tupac in Vegas
So he came back, from the dark, the return of the king
He needed to find his enemy to get back all his thing
His gun, his money, his car, his clothes, his block and his blings
After that he would go buy a ring in The lord of the ring
He kicked the casket open used his mouth to dug to the surface
Got out of his grave went straight to his block he didn't feel nervous
Met the man who shot him, "What? Ain't you in the coffin?"
He smiled an evil smile, "Now you see a dead man walking"

You only got one love and one life
So you fight for it til the day you die
(That's right, they say that you)
Only got one love and one life
(So you gotta)
Fight for it til the day you die

[Verse 2]
30 G's on the ring then he drove home in his Benz
He still looking so fly except for the fact that he stank
The clock said midnight, looked outside the sky was raining
It might be the last time he could see this beautiful painting
The corner where he used to hustle, it had the same cops
Oh there was a g_______, yeah he heard some gun shots
The hood where he used to live, it felt like déjà vu
Here was the house he grew up in, he missed his ma too
Parked the car ready to ring the bell but then he feared something
He thought his girl gonna be scared by his appearance
So he sneaked to the back got inside the house through the window
He would put the ring on her hand while she sleeping then he'd leave yo
Got upstairs without a sound, he felt like a burglar
Wonder if his girl woke up would she know that he was her husband
Opened the bedroom door, suddenly he turned frozen
Searching for words, but d___, he couldn't say nothing

Only got one love and one life
But what if everything was a lie
Only got one love and one life
But what if everything was a lie

[Verse 3]
She turned her head to look at the stranger at the door
While doing the 69 with another man on the floor
She thought he was familiar, then she petrified
He was like Medusa, and his eyes were asking her why
But then he ran away and laughed becuz dead man couldn't cry
He put the gun to his head "pump", but dead man couldn't die
He ran to the street, noticed that he was being followed
So he ran faster and faster till she lost him in the shadow
The rain was still falling as she walked back to the house
Told the other guy to get out and she sat back on the couch
Couldn't explain what had happened so she decided to wait
The next day when the sun shined, she gonna go to the grave
She walked to the cemetery at 6 AM
It looked like everything around here still remained unchanged
But then she hugged the grave, and tears rolled down her face
Yeah the grave was unchanged, except there was a ring

Only got one love and one life
But what if everything was a lie
Only got one love and one life
It's a dead love

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