Axis of Justice Jeffrey Are You Listening (Serj Tankian, Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, Brian O'Conner) Lyrics

Jeffrey, are you listening?
Blessed are the criminals that pursue crime as a hobby
As soldiers who kill the enemy for fun
As hookers prostituting for joy
Tall trees and submarines
Skin deep abrasions
God's children who served Him dearly
Should be forgiven

Jeffrey, are you listening?
Are you listening?

Out of their fierce bellies
Like a swordfish dance how mentolyptus cough drops on your a__
I'm encoutering a strange revival
Dead of the mind
Thinking an obsessed scrugnizing mechanism of our human experience
I'm like the staggering loot for its contemplation
of the ego based mind of troubles introduced
I'm agree in recountering the thread and chemical of the expense
existencial f___ process

Jeffrey, are you listening?

Out of their fierce bellies,
Like a swordfish dance how mentholyptus cough drops on your a__
On the other foot,
Why not laugh the laugh of well being,
For it is that which rises man above all,
It's the kick of life,
Jeffrey, are you f___ing listening?

We're freezing standing in front of our electroheaters
Nucking our food
We're tired of your transparent "who pays the bills says the way
to form policy"
We're tired of sending our trops to form soils to die
Not knowing why
And whose interests their were sacrificed for?
We're shamed to see the way you take care of your people
By cuting social services and aid to those most in need
Explain me something
How could the richest nation in the world
have starving children?
Here's the f___ing point
Nations and their governments
Should provide protect
and serve its citizens
not the interests of the multinationals

Jeffrey, are you listening?

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