Montrose The Dreamer Lyrics

Alone at sea, close my eyes, I slip away, way up in the sky.
And I play with the angels with my paper wings.
Hook me a chain on the moon.
I'll do anything, day or night, I'll tell you, I don't care
Anytime, anyplace, go anywhere.
Yeah, I'm a dreamer
Lock me away, yes my body is yours
But baby, you won't never keep me behind closed doors.
And ya' may think I'm crazy, well, just maybe a touch.
So you just use me, like we all need a crutch.
And you've got yours, and I've got mine
I step right behind the moon - suits me just fine.
Paralized - I feel no pain
Silver bullets numb my brain.
I look at the future and what lies ahead
The silver bullets have turned to lead.
All the more I laugh, all the more I'm gonna cry.
The more I live, the more I'm gonna die

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