Robert Earl Keen, Jr. Theme: Road to No Return/Carolina Lyrics

Out along the road to no return
Silence rules the day and knows no friend
The troubled past and all her tribe adjourn
To watch your dreams unravel in the wind

But each new morning sunrise
Is just as good as gold
And all the hope inside you
Will keep you from the cold
Bare your soul let your spirit burn
Out along the road to no return

The sweet smell of nighttime rides on the breeze
The river is winding through the hickory trees
The redbones are howling down by Wilson's Bridge
The lawmen stand waiting upon Deadman's Ridge

Ooh Carolina so dark I can't see
Ooh Carolina won't you let me go free

I came here with Lily a year just last fall
We left her old daddy back in Oonegal
We made us a home place of Black Mountain stone
But one cold winter morning I woke up alone


Days full of silence are so incomplete
Nights without Lily I took to the streets
And in the streets of Asheville I channeled my pain
'Til one raging black night I slept in the rain

I dreamed of a refuge a red velvet world
And I swore my sweet Lily was one of the girls
I loved her so madly I loved her so long
I woke with my dream girl but her life was all gone


Love has no boundary sorrow no end
And the lawmen of Asheville have no mercy in them


Let me reach Tennessee

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