OpenBSD Release Songs The Wizard of OS Lyrics

The heroine is deaf to her device
her uncles on the farm,
send out the alarm
and the s___ storm flies
E-maelstrom is lifting up the house
With Puffathy inside,
twisting up a ride
to the land of OS
Hard landing, the packets celebrate
The wicked lawyers dead
The open slippers red are
Hers to take

Ding dong the lawyer's dead
You're off to see the Wizard kid

The north witch instructed Puffathy
To get yourself back home
Take this yellow road and
You'll be fine
Believe in the open ruby shoes
Now go to see the Wiz and
give Taiwan your biz
You'll never lose
The 3 friends she made along the way
Were nice but pretty lame,
lazy and insane
but they sang OK

Ding dong the lawyer's dead
You're off to see the Wizard kid

Finally we're through the trees
The city glows
It's positively green
Pompously the wizard booms
He wants the broom of triple 'w'

Go to the west
You must pass the test
For me
Bring me the ride
of the witch I despise
And you'll be free

You don't need the broom
You don't need the shoes
You don't need the wiz
You will never lose
You have all you need
You always had heart
You always had courage
Did somebody fart?
You always had brains
You answered each call
And this may surprise you
But you've got some b____
So double click heels
and work with Taiwan
And speak to your doggie
You're already gone....

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