MC Vapour Halloween Lyrics

Olash! Whos ready?Whos ready?uh ha! b.o.d wit mc vapour flava for the ravea dida da danger danger mr ava rava ha do you like da sound of emotion you no y it was written in da paper this weekend coz ive bin drivin me mum and dad round the bend all they eva needed was a hand to lend but its all good now coz there on the mend there was first me mum nomber 1 the series i rated and she went on she was ......i was bringing on she woud holla at this guy say ur not my son my dad woud just holla get hot unda da colla spit when he shat in my face he wudnt swalla money gotta borrow ill pay ya bak 2mora i no i hav a dolla the pay not gettin betta my sis stuck in the middle of all this didnt wanna witness family business all the sickness of family business business from the family i ris false fm gonna make you say stu gotta lock ur doors gonna c__ throu your roof and if u be unrude gonna lose ur tooth need lots of proof gotta we gonna hide ur kids take ur life burn your house rape ur wife but not gonna be blunt be sharp as a knife false fm tuppiside. bass line. b.o.d. going on sly and you know y

u avnt spotted me yet coz im 2 d___ small
im sittin on ur lights in da hallway wall
2 out of the way 2 b noticed at all
can u guess wat it iz on the wall
interferin i can hear wat ur sayin
i didnt say bull durin the playin
eyes on the kids wen there outside playin
payin attention 2 attention there payin
sum say im lousey sum say im rude
keep payin me in the hand till i move 2 da grove
2 l8 mate my grove been chosed
stop tellin me 2 go away im not in the mood
im jus a fly on the wall mate thats my job
so give me a piece on ur corn on da cob
or take it up da batty hole from me and my mob
and u dnt get a say so......shut ur gob.

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